Our partner, Jeff Clanon, is a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at the 17th International Conference on Thinking in Bilbao, Spain June 29 – July 3, 2015. Jeff will focus on the topic of stance—guiding the conference community in an exploration of how our state of mind and body in the moment is essential to the quality of our thinking and actions.

For questions and additional information, contact Jeff Clanon.

2 Thoughts to “What We’re Looking Forward To”

  1. Richard Karash

    I’m one of the co-creators and faculty for the program.

    We want participants to know the basics and to have done coaching in the workplace. This might be from attending a coach training program or just from experience. We don’t teach those basics, and we will do a number of practice coaching exercises that assume some familiarity with the basics.

    There is no pre-req regarding any systems material.

    Our program add an element which we think complements most coaching programs: The element of bringing the system and systemic forces into view to help achieve coaching objectives.

    We would be happy to talk with you about how our appropriate our course would be in your development as a coach.

  2. Interested in learning what prerequisites are required for your course, “Coaching from a Systems Perspective”.

    Derrick Egbert

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